Our Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are a tough hardy animal that does well on pasture. They are a low maintenance sheep that produce excellent lean, meaty carcasses. They are efficient feed to conversion animals. 

Katahdins have demonstrated wide adaptability. They were developed in the state of Maine. In cold weather, they grow a very thick winter coat which then sheds during warm seasons. Their smooth hair coat allow them to tolerate heat and humidity well. Katahdins have shown to be more parasite resistant than wool sheep.

Katahdins are docile and coupled with their medium size are easy to handle.  Ewes average 140 to 180 lbs, while rams can reach 250 lbs. 

Mature ewes usually have twins, occasionally producing triplets or quadruplets. The Katahdin ewes are great protective mothers and lamb easily. The lambs are born alert and vigorous. Ewes produce plenty of milk.

Lambs produce a high quality, well-muscled carcass that is naturally lean and consistently offers a very mild flavor. Lambs are desirable for specialty markets. 

Superb Quality Meat

We will be offering delicious lean cuts of lamb. Also ground meat(hamburger), sausage, brats and meat sticks. 

We may have breeding stock sometime in the future.